What's The Difference Between A Duvet Cover And A Comforter?

Comforters are thick, filled blankets that usually feature designs printed on them directly. They are designed with an aim of placing them over bed linens for protection purposes as well as for decorative purposes. Before we can look at what duvet covers are, it’s important at this point out that many people make a mistake of using duvet covers and duvets interchangeably. This doesn’t just affect those who barely...

How to remove wrinkles from your sheets / caring for your sheets

Most of us hate the creases in our sheets. The truth is, it is tedious work to iron bed sheets. Sometimes we find it easier to sleep on the wrinkles than to tire ourselves in the ironing. But even if you don't mind the ironing, this is not the best way to care for them. Check out these pointers on how to avoid wrinkles:

Why Italian sheets are worth the price

Italian sheets can cost more than your regular department store sheets but are they worth the price? You do not spend the same amount on a BMW as you do a Kia. In fact, a Kia is not even near half the price of a BMW. You've got to spend a bit more to get quality. 


Posted on May 16, 2016 .

Why Bedroom Sheets Support Good Health

Sinking into a cozy, fresh, and clean bed with right bedding can make a huge difference when it comes to getting a good night’s sleep. In fact nothing is better than sleeping in a comfortable bed especially after a tiresome day. You can have a king size or a queen size bed but you find it hard to fall asleep. But someone with a simple bed with the right bedding falls asleep...