Why Italian sheets are worth the price

Italian sheets can cost more than your regular department store sheets but are they worth the price? You do not spend the same amount on a BMW as you do a Kia. In fact, a Kia is not even near half the price of a BMW. You've got to spend a bit more to get quality. 

Are they worth the price?

Just as Germans have a reputation for being the best auto makers, Italy is known the world over for producing the finest fabric. This is a known fact! Gucci, Armani, Prada, Dolce & Gabbana, Versace are industry leaders for quality and style and they all share the same country: Italy


Italian industries have hundreds of years of experience in making luxury bed sheets. We all know that experience is priceless. They say that practice makes perfect, which is reflected in Italian fabric. As such, the craftsmanship in textile production in Italy cannot and may not be found elsewhere in the world. Moreover, Northern Italy has been recognized for its expertise in cotton weaving since time immemorial.


Both the material and weaving techniques are of high quality. Italian bed sheets are not made from any random grade of cotton but the best. Of course high quality comes from the best. The yarns are then made perfectly, then the weaving. Attention to detail is key. Italy's weaving technology has been the world's benchmark for ages. Most importantly too is the finishing. Italian bed sheets producers insist on tidy finishing. The techniques in finishing are timeless: you know, the mitered corners and embroidery guided by hand. Sustainable tradition indeed! Just get to a store and compare and see the difference for yourself.

       Material Source

Italian bed sheets are made from the best quality of cotton. We all know that the best quality of cotton is obtained from Egypt. Egyptian cotton is considered better than other types because it has longer and stronger fibers.  This cotton is not as easy to find as the other kinds, which makes it a rare breed. Rare means it's not cheap!

Needless to say, bed sheets made purely from this type of cotton will cost more. On the positive side though, they will outperform those made from other grades because they are stronger and built to last. Further, 100% Egyptian cotton sheets feel softer. Almost silky. 

According to Egyptian government, more Egyptian cotton is sold than produced. Does this make sense really? Yes, it does! Reason being the production of counterfeits! Deception is all over, right? Then expect to get false advertisers and 'fake' Egyptian cotton. It is impossible to find cheap 100% Egyptian cotton bed sheets. You want quality? Get genuine Italian sheets. Shop our collection today. 


Posted on May 16, 2016 .