How to remove wrinkles from your sheets / caring for your sheets

Most of us hate the creases in our sheets. The truth is, it is tedious work to iron bed sheets. Sometimes we find it easier to sleep on the wrinkles than to tire ourselves in the ironing. But even if you don't mind the ironing, this is not the best way to care for them. Check out these pointers on how to avoid wrinkles:

       Washing and drying

Washing is the most critical part in caring for your bed sheets. The more you wash your sheets, the more the fibers relax. This we know, but you cannot launder them every day, right?

First, avoid overloading the washer when you are washing bed sheets. Better still, set the sheets aside to be washed alone. If this can't happen, do not mix towels and sheets in the washer. Towels tend to cause a lot of friction and the lint they produce is not good either. Dry the sheets under low heat, then hang them outside when still a bit damp. You can shake them, then hang. You can also dry them completely in the dryer, but do not over dry them. Alternatively, try using dryer balls instead of excessive drying. And always fold immediately or put them back onto your bed.

Avoid harsh detergents. Mild detergents are best for sheets. Ultra cleaning detergents tend to cause fading. Avoid bleach and fabric softeners. Fabric softeners coat the sheet fabric and makes it harder. You definitely don't want hard bed sheets.

Cold water is best although once in a while you can use warm. Hot water is a no-no for bed sheets. In fact, hot water is known to crease every other fabric, leave alone the sheets. You can maintain the dye in colored sheets by adding a half a cup of white vinegar to the first washing.

Detergent with "ultra" cleaning power should be avoided too as they cause sheets to fade. A gentle cycle is recommended. 

After washing

Unless you've used prevention chemicals to treat your sheets, they will wrinkle unless you followed the washing instructions above. In case you did not wash as mentioned in this article, you can use viscose rayon on bamboo sheets to prevent creasing.

If you wish to iron them, you can put a wet cloth on top of it so that you don't compromise them with the heat.


Always store your sheets in a cool dry place. Check the condition of the sheets every time you remove them. Any holes on your sheets may indicate presence of insects such as bedbugs and moths. If possible, place them inside a sealed plastic bag or container box.