How to choose the right colors and style sheets for your bedroom

The bedroom is the most important room in your house. The living room is the image outsiders judge you by, but the bedroom is all about you. It is where you come to rest after a long day of work and where you can be yourself, always. 

You do not want to return to a boring place therefore it is good to take your time in choosing your bedding. Interior decoration is like dressing. Wearing a long black straight coat may not go well with a long white flared skirt. Balancing your sheets style and color is important for your comfort.  Here is how to get good bed sheets as far as color and style are concerned.

Styles, then color. Choose your style first. Here are a few.

       Mood boards

Mood boards involve bringing together visual details so as to end up with a cohesive vision. It is the most fun way to experiment with colors. Your creativity is important here. Mood boards allow you the liberty to choose the colors you like to bring out the feeling you want. To achieve this, you need to draw a color scheme somewhere, then attempt to achieve it through the colors of your bedding. It is impossible to get the best color for your bed sheet without considering the other parts and fabric of your room.

The color scheme could be drawn on a board, on a computer or even attaching it on pinterest. You can get ideas all over the internet. Easy! In the experimentation, you will be able to choose the best color for your bed sheets. Buy the sheets once you are done experimenting.

       Plain versus patterned sheets

Plain colors look solid, and may look elegant with the right color. If you wish to retreat to a relaxing atmosphere in the evening, plain colors will do. Just use the monochromatic color design. This design is easy. Think of a color, then one of your sheets should be of a darker hue than the other. This way, the bed will not look dull.

Patterned sheets are great for a romantic mood. They could be striped or floral. If you want to go floral, get some accent colors around the room. Doing this will help you not to contrast the room and your sheet color. You can also mix a solid color sheet with a floral or striped one. This is a timeless method of choosing bed sheets. It never gets out of date!


fabric will definitely influence the style. If you love a formal feel or dark room, get bed sheets with a sheen. Exclude cotton and matter and choose something velvety.

You will definitely find the right bed sheet color and style for your bed if you follow these methods.

Posted on May 16, 2016 .