What's The Difference Between A Duvet Cover And A Comforter?

Comforters are thick, filled blankets that usually feature designs printed on them directly. They are designed with an aim of placing them over bed linens for protection purposes as well as for decorative purposes. Before we can look at what duvet covers are, it’s important at this point out that many people make a mistake of using duvet covers and duvets interchangeably. This doesn’t just affect those who barely know a thing about this industry; it also applies to retailers, the very people who should be explaining the difference between the two to customers.

A duvet is a special type of comforter, sometimes known as down comforter. It is derived from an Old French word meaning ‘down, feathers from young birds. As such, a duvet can be defined as a comforter that contains down, or rather the soft under plumage from waterfowl. A duvet cover, on the other hand, is a cover that is slipped over the comforter to protect it from dust particles or any external factors that may damage it. It functions more or less like a pillow case on a pillow. Duvet covers come in a variety of fabric choices, designs and colors to help coordinate bed linens and interior decors of different kinds.


Comforters are made with an aim of keeping the user warm but due to the fact that they also feature decorative patterns on them, they are also used for decorative purposes and as such, some homeowners will place them on the bed all year round.

Duvet covers are usually made with the aim of protecting duvets and comforters from dirt as well as decorative purposes. Depending on the décor of the room, one can easily find a duvet cover that complements it perfectly.


Comforters are usually filled with synthetic fibers such as polyester or natural fibers such as cotton. It’s however important to note that not many manufacturers use natural filling in comforters and those who do hike the prices. The filling is stitched in such a way that doesn’t allow for clumping on one portion of the comforter or movement. Like pillow cases, duvet cases don’t feature any filling, natural or synthetic.


The cost of comforters and duvet covers varies greatly depending on material, filling, size and design. However, because duvet covers don’t have filling, they tend to be cheaper as compared to comforters. Nonetheless, duvets are more expensive than comforters.