Components of Bedding

Putting together a beautiful and elegant bed ensemble can sometimes be overwhelming and quite expensive. However, with a few ideas, choice purchases and even with what you already own, you can come up with a stunningly dressed bed. Beddings are actually makes a bed not the bed frame or structure. So what are the components of a bed a part from the structure and the mattress?

Fitted Sheet

Fitted sheets are traditionally used to cover the mattress. They are fitted with an elastic band at the edge of the sheet to hold the sheet firmly on the mattress. Their sole purpose is to protect the mattress from dirt and to also provide a smooth soft surface for someone to sleep on. It is however important to ensure that you get the right fitted sheet for your mattress size.

Flat Sheet

This is also called the top sheet. It is usually placed between the person sleeping and the blanket. The sole purpose of this sheet is to make your bedding more comfortable and welcoming. Another purpose of the flat sheet is to protect your blanket or comforter from becoming dirty. During warmer nights, the flat sheet can be used instead of a blanket to cover yourself with.

Duvet or Comforter

A duvet is basically a soft flat bag that is usually filled with down feathers, synthetic fibers, silk or even wool. The thickness of the comforter determines the weight of the comforter and also the level of insulation. Comforters are normally stitched to secure the filling and to ensure that the filling is evenly distributed. The purpose of duvets or comforters is to be the bedspread that sits on top of the sheets. For perfect bedding, it is essential to have a beautiful duvet or comforter.

Pillow Cases

When you purchase complete bedding set, you will find a pair or pillow cases in there. Pillow cases are usually used to cover the pillows. They not only protect the pillows but also make the pillows beautiful and in sync with the rest of the bedding. However, it is not a must that you purchase pillow cases that have the same flower pattern or color with your duvet or sheets. You can buy pillow cases that are of different colors that compliment or contrast the rest of the bedding. Pillow cases can also be bought separately as they are not a required part of the bedding set.  


A sham is essentially a decorative pillow case that converts average sized pillow fills into valuable accessories for your bedding set. Although they can be used as traditional pillow cases, shams are normally used for support when you sit on the bed and also as decorations during the day.