Why Tuscany Produces the Finest Linens

Italy is known to produce the finest linen since the Middle Ages. Even with the popular 1000 thread count from other companies recently, there is still no competition. There is more luxury with Tuscany linens, and the special feel, you know? One does not mind to add a little bit more money to get the Tuscany linen and leave the discounted one.

Here's why Tuscany produces the finest linens:

Expertise, Quality and Weaving

The family that has been producing fine linens and other textiles in Tuscany (Sassolini) started their operations in 1842. As everything else changed (you know how quality is compromised in all industries) Sassolini remained faithful to their traditional practices. This is to say the weaving is still done as it was in the first years of production. Their manufacturing techniques also remain unchanged. The only new thing, and that will keep changing is the style. Tuscany has a vast range of colors and style for their textiles.

Tuscany does not diminish itself just to outdo other linen brands (in sales). That is why you rarely hear of surprising discounts from them. Moreover, unlike in the Asian mills where the finishing is left to just any worker, Tuscany leaves this area to experts. The finishing is a complex process, and very critical too. In fact, this is the most critical operation after yarning.

The softness of Tuscany linens is unparalleled. You see, the ancient carding machines and the shuttle looms that make the Apennine Mountain wools are the same ones that make this linen. Fabric is of good quality, mostly pure linen. Sure, Tuscany may use cotton and linen here and there for, say, table and kitchen ware. Sometimes even bedding and curtains. But you can choose pure linen fabric. The 100+ year-old looms are great in producing those old designs that have deep meaning in the area. Textiles are then hand-finished. Hand stitches are a signature to Tuscan linens.

With all the lower grade linen going around, it is a good thing that you can tell the genuine from the fake. First, look at the finishing and if you are not happy, then drop it. It is fake! Secondly, there's a crispness in pure linen sheets that cannot be found in other fabrics. It's quite easy to feel and even see the difference in the genuine in comparison to other grades. This is how to guarantee you are getting Tuscany linen!

Tuscany linen speaks for itself. There are many cheaply run mills that have compromised the quality of linen products in Italy. Some linen designs are even made in China, and they lie to you that they're from Italy! Get quality at Tuscany; linen which will be the central theme, yet subtle enough to fit in your other interior choices.

Why choose substandard when you know where to get the real?

Posted on May 16, 2016 .