Why Italian Bed Sheets Are Best For Your Bed

Cut from the softest and most precious linen fabric and hand sewed in the traditional Tuscan style, the Italian bed sheets have proven again and again that they make the best choice when it comes to duvet covers, shams, fitted sheets, flat sheets as well as luxury linen.

Here are 3 strong reasons why the Italian bed sheets at VeraItalianLinens.com are the best for your bed:

# 1 Bed Sheets cut from the finest materials

And when we speak finest, we really mean it. The Vera Italian bed sheets, fitted sheets, flat sheets, duvet covers, pillow cases and shams are all beautifully crafted from luxurious Egyptian cotton sateen, the most delicate and noble of fabrics for bedding. With these Italian bed sheets, you’ll experience how it’s like to sleep on feather-soft sheets for the sweetest dreams.

# 2 Super-soft fabrics for the best sleep in the world!

The luxurious fabrics that we use for our traditional Italian style bed sheets have the softest feel ever. Egyptian cotton sateen is famous for its luxury feel, as well as the delicate and soft feel it has. If you want to have the best sleep in the world, you need the 100% authentic Italian bed sheets right now.

# 3 Hand-finished luxury bed sheets made in the Tuscan tradition

With over 50 years of tradition and experience, VeraItalianLinen.com bring into your bedroom the veritable Italian style luxury bed sheets. All of our products, from duvet covers, pillows, shams, pillow cases, fitted sheets and flat sheets are beautifully hand-finished by our passionate tailors with fine luxurious details in the authentic Tuscan tradition. We put the best fabrics, passion and years of experience so you have a taste of what it feels like to sleep like a king.

Now you know why Italian bed sheets are best for your bed, so all you have to do is enter our website VeraItalianLinens.com and choose the bed sheet of your dreams! 

Posted on April 26, 2016 .