Why Linen Bedding is Still Best

Linen bedding has always been considered luxurious, and it is not without reasons. Made from fibers of flax plant, they are regarded as the best in Europe and in many other continents for its texture, softness, durability, and moisture absorbency. Linen is one of the oldest fabrics, and it has many advantages when used for bed sheets and pillow cases, as follows:


To make sure you have great sleep quality every night is to use proper bedding. Linen has a unique hypoallergenic property and moisture absorbing quality that is safe and comfortable to use even for people with skin diseases. It is also known for its anti-allergic characteristic. Air permeability is good as well; this means linen can absorb moisture and evaporate that moisture as well. Because the fabric is breathable, it stays cool in the summer and warm in winter. Air permeability allows the fabric to always have pleasantly fresh feeling when slept on or touched.

The traditional wisdom in choosing bed sheets is to consider the thread count. According to Martha Stewart, the quality of sheet depends not only on the number of threads, but also on the fiber it is made from. Nancy Koltes, a luxury linen designer, also suggested that determining quality based on thread count is wrong, especially when thread count is used as the only variable. The length of the fiber plays even bigger role in this case. To acquire fiber to make linen sheet, flax plant must be pulled entirely from the ground to get the full length instead of being cut. With longer fiber, there will be less pilling when the yarn is spun, and therefore sleep quality is also better. In fact, spinning the yarn will give it strength.


Compared to cotton sheet, linen is actually stiffer. This is the main reason that the fiber must be stored for up to several months for softening even before the production process begins. In the final product, linen bed sheets get softer with every wash and it doesn’t break down as quickly as cotton. Thanks to its moisture absorbency and air permeability properties, linen is much less vulnerable to sweat as well.  If cared properly, linen bed sheet can last for about three decades before it needs replacement.

Flax Plants

Linen is a sought-after bed sheets, and its popularity is always followed by challenges. Think of it as organic foods, of which many different companies throughout the world try to sell products by simply attaching a label bearing that name. You need to look deeper at the ingredients, manufacturing process, packaging, and taste. The same thing can be said to Linen.

VERA has continuously manufactured highest quality linen bedding made from Italian-grown flax plants in Tuscan Hills, Vineyards, and Olive Trees in Quarrata, Italy. The plants produce household-quality linens grown and taken care of by the finest hands to maintain Tuscan tradition. All the final products are hand-finished to deliver the best quality from the best materials.

Posted on November 22, 2015 and filed under Articles.