Beautifying the Bedroom by Vera Italian Linens

Welcome to Vera Italian Linens

At our Vera Italian Linens factory located in the most serene environment in the Tuscan hills about 20 km from Florence, We’ve been making impeccably elegant, beautifully made products for over 50 years. Think quality not quantity, attention to detail that runs through everything we do and style not fashion– stitched by hand by our Italian workers using the best Egyptian cotton sateen on the market, we offer high-thread-count pillowcase. Our customer service is second to none. In Vera’s linen, we believe that little things matter. Precious moments of joy are our constant inspiration, and also people know that we design and create edited collections built to last and be an intimate element of our lives; our collections make life’s simple pleasures. I cannot stress enough how much care, attention and love we put into every object we produce in The Vera Italian Linens. We encourage everyone to experience our pillows, soft duvet covers and sheet in 400, 300 & 560 thread count.

Our Mission

We aim to create a company that specialized in offering stylish, artistic-quality items for your home which are less expensive. We present an unparalleled shopping experience to our customers across every channel.

What began as an array of necessities for that linen cabinet – duvet covers, pads, fitted sheets and luxury towels – has changed into a full range of lifestyle products – What has being our building block is that we control the entire production process and have a solid structure built on trust.

Our Specifications

Quality Materials

We use the best fabrics, made from the greatest quality raw materials. We travel the planet and seek out the softest cotton, the best sateen and great linen. We ensure that we are using the best production and expertise in making and designing our products.

Made To Last

We don't need our products to be stored for best. They might be luxuriously high quality, but they are made to be loved and used every day. We guarantee everything we make is made to last and easy to look after.

Affordable Luxury

Our products are made to bring everyday luxury to our clients. We believe in offering high-quality designers products without the price tag – It means at affordable rates that represent outstanding value for money. Greater than other things, we guarantee that the investment our clients make in us will be worthwhile.

Attention to Detail

We are obsessive about detail. From your supremely elegant to the incredibly functional, every item within our collection presents something unique with regards to looking and feel.

Special Discount

You can expect 10% discount for all Embroider Series within the month of November, December and January. Take Advantage of this offer today!

Posted on November 22, 2015 and filed under Articles.